Michiana Vintage Racers


Michiana Vintage Racers is a group of guys

that can’t seem to give up the

fun of racing!

We are a social club with a racing problem.

We are from the Michigan, Indiana and Ohio areas. Most of the club members have passionately restored at least one vintage race car. We enjoy getting together at local tracks to meet up with friends, display our cars and run hot laps. Some club members do not have a car but that doesn’t keep them from participating.

We keep the history of local drivers, cars, and tracks alive.

Join us at local tracks, see the cars on display, sit in the drivers seat.

And watch them on the track!

Midgets, Sprint cars, Modifieds, Supermodifies, Stock cars and Coups

Become a member now or meet us at an event.

Dues for 1 year $25.00

Members that bring a car to the track get 2 pit passes

Members that do not bring a car get 1 general admission